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In the letter “Women’s health issues are theirs alone” on April 3, the author makes statements that require responses.

The author suggests that men should not have opinions about pregnancy unless they have been pregnant. Using that reasoning, we can say that women should not have abortions unless they have been aborted.

The author should realize that we live in two worlds (spiritual and physical) under two authorities, church (religion) and state (government). The two authorities were united when the United States was founded on the Judeo-Christian principles in the Bible. Although our nation wasn’t and still isn’t perfect, we were moving in the right direction toward those Judeo-Christian principles. One of the greatest corrections was the abolishment of slavery.

Now, religion and government are no longer united, with the latter thinking it has more wisdom and authority than God in deciding good and evil.

Now we have legalized the murder of innocent unborn babies by abortion, which is similar to slavery because slaves and unborn babies have some important things in common. Both are owned by someone else — slaves by their masters and unborn babies by their pregnant mothers. Both are considered to be less than human by some people — slaves as property, merchandise, 3/5ths of a human, and unborn babies as blobs of tissue like tonsils that can be cut out and destroyed. Both can be disposed of if they are an inconvenience — slaves by being sold or lynched, and unborn babies by being aborted, put up for adoption or given to Safe Haven. The latter two are preferable to abortion.

In Ezekiel 3:16-21, God appoints Ezekiel to be a spiritual watchman on the wall, not to warn the people about an invading enemy army, but to warn them about sins. If Ezekiel failed to warn the people, he would be held accountable. If that applied only to Ezekiel for the short time he lived in a small section of the world, there would have been no reason to include it in the Bible. Actually, we are all called to be watchmen like Ezekiel to warn people about sin, such as abortion, so they can avoid it or repent, confess and be forgiven. If we fail to warn them, we too will be held accountable.

We should also remember that “God hates … hands that shed innocent blood” (Proverbs 6:16, 17). I worry that God will one day say, “Enough of the slaughter of innocent children,” and bring judgement on the world for the many millions murdered by abortion (60+ million by the U. S. alone). And that’s the main reason why abortions are not just women’s issues alone.

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