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In response to the May 4 letter by Theresa Remacle, regarding the impatience of the Republicans throughout this COVID-19 crisis, I take great offense — especially to her last two paragraphs regarding the sanctity of life and the comparison she made to being pro-life.

I find it incredible that she can

compare the choice one makes between ending a life of an unborn child to the informed decision of an adult to possibly put oneself at risk of acquiring an illness.

Those who choose abortion do so of free will — the life inside does not have a choice.

As responsible adults, we do have freedoms — freedom that so many made the ultimate sacrifice for.

Those who fought to give us that right made the decision that freedom was worth the cost. It should now be our freedom to choose whether we want to return to life as we know it.

It is not my intention to make this about politics, but apparently it must be, since so many Democrats and liberal-thinking individuals want to deprive Americans of that choice.

I am a responsible adult. I am a Christian, a daughter, a wife, mother, grandmother and sister and would never intentionally put my loved ones or anyone else in harm’s way.

I choose to do things responsibly and expect others to follow suit. If you, as a responsible adult, do not wish to have contact with someone who is out working and living their life as normal, then don’t. It’s your choice.

But please don’t dictate to me if I have the privilege to do so. This is still America.

Lastly, please remember and do not confuse the choice of ending an unborn child’s life with the freedom of the person who makes that choice.

The child didn’t have a say in the decision.

Judith R. Knox


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