Letter: God is on the side of abortion rights


Those liberal Democrats, meanwhile, still insist that terminating unborn life should remain a legal choice. As far as I can tell, the most credible person who actually believes that God might be on the Democrats’ side is, well, God himself. I have three reasons for thinking this way.

First, far from demanding that human life be protected from “the moment of conception,” God brings about natural abortions, often called miscarriages, that frequently occur months after conception.

Second, if God is so opposed to abortion, I wonder why in Numbers 5:11-31 he gives specific instructions to Moses on how to terminate a pregnancy.

Third, the God of the Bible ends pregnancies in various ways. He sent a huge flood that drowned, among others, numerous pregnant women; he commanded his chosen people to wipe out everyone in cities, which presumably included pregnant women; and his alleged servants greenlighted the stoning of adulterous women, some of whom surely would have been pregnant.

Steve Warren, West Valley City

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