Mother to Challenge Abortion “Censorship Zone” in European Court

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Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

pregnant 1589742008 - Mother to Challenge Abortion "Censorship Zone" in European Court

A woman who chose not to go through with an abortion after meeting pro-life campaigners outside the clinic is seeking to challenge London’s first “censorship zone” in the European Court of Human Rights.

Christian Today reports, Alina Dulgheriu will apply to appeal the Public Spaces Protection Order outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing.

The order criminalises speech, assembly, charitable support and silent prayer.

Dulgheriu appealed to the the UK Supreme Court earlier this year but it refused to hear the case.

That decision came after a Court of Appeal ruling in August last year, which found that the Ealing Council was violating her rights to assembly, religion, thought, and expression and reception of information – but that her rights were trumped by those of women not to be seen in public near the facility.

Ms Dulgheriu says, because of the real practical and emotional support she was given by a group outside the clinic, her little girl is here today.

She says she wants to ensure that women don’t have this vital support removed, and that she can’t imagine a society where a simple offer of help to a woman who might want to keep her child is seen as a criminal offence.

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