Beauty guru Gemma Watts on how to deal with hormonal acne


Ahh, breakouts. They have an uncanny knack for arriving at the worst possible time and just when you think you’re free of them, they pop up and say ‘surprise, bishhh!’

It’s something even gorgeous beauty influencers like Gemma Watts aren’t immune from.

In the latest episode of the Beauty Boss podcast, the Glow Journal founder opened up about her experience with hormonal acne later in life.


“I went through high school with good skin and I thought ‘well, I’ve nailed it. How good is this?”

“But when I was about 23, I just got a very, a very painful breakout. You know, that type that just hurts.”

Unsure of what the heck was going on in her body, Gemma sought expert advice.

“I went to a dermatologist and it was stress which can do all sorts of wacky things to the body and caused my skin to really go backwards.”

“But it was a blessing in disguise, because that’s when I really started listening to my skin, researching and understanding what ingredients worked and what didn’t.”

While Gemma mostly has her hormonal acne under control now, she reveals she does still suffer from the occasional breakout.

When it comes to dealing with it, she says it mostly comes down to changing her mindset.

“Whenever I feel like complaining, I think, ‘you’ve got it pretty good in the grand scheme of things’, which is sort of how I approach life,” she says. “Instead of complaining, I’m like, look at your job, just get a grip!”

Preach, girl!

You can listen to Gemma’s full episode of the Beauty Boss podcast below.

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