Addiction programs come together to combat epidemic


MARION COUNTY,W.Va (WDTV) — Addiction organizations, companies, and helplines all gathered in White Hall earlier today for a Community Wellness Convention.

The goal was to get the individual organizations to come together as a single body to combat the drug epidemic within the area. 

Each group presented what services they offer and what kind of help they can offer those struggling with addiction.

Law enforcement will also play a crucial role in finding those who need help and offering up the organizations best suited for them.

White Hall police Chief says although law enforcement will still act as officers, they will also act as councilors. 

“Yes were here to arrest people that’s the oath we took to do our job, but we also want to see these people get help and go home. Also we council these people, when we arrest somebody we say ‘hey why did you do this why did you do that’, ‘oh I’ve got a drug
problem’. ‘Well hey how about lets go and get some help. A Lot of people say ‘well nobody cares about me’, yes people care. We can go to these different organizations and get you the help that you need.”

Another Wellness Convention will be held in February and any addiction programs in neighboring counties are encouraged to attend.  

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