De-addiction treatment to be available in primary health centres | Deaddiction treatment| Deaddiction centre| covid-19

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Thiruvananthapuram: Health minister K K Shailaja informed that facilities for de-addiction treatment has been arranged in primary, family and community health centres in the state. This was arranged as major hospitals were transformed into COVID-19 isolation centres.

Aswas Clinics were set up in Family Health Centres for providing mental healthcare. Also the medicines required for de-addiction treatment was supplied to all centres. Those who require further treatment will be referred to Taluk, General and District level hospitals. 20 beds are prepared in all districts for the treatment of de-addiction patients. If they are asked to stay in quarantine, their treatment will be provided in isolation.

Those who are in the habit of consuming alcohol regularly should be careful. If they experience irritation, loss of appetite, excess perspiration, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, muscle contraction, intense headache, fits or sleeplessness, they have to consult a doctor. Regular tipplers are likely to experience these symptoms when they stop consuming liquor for a few days. This can be alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which is a treatable condition.

Isopropyl alcohol contained in sanitizers are poisonous. Consuming it instead of liquor can lead to death. People can contact health department’s Disha number (1056, 0471 2552056) or call nodal officers of District Mental Healthcare Centres for help.

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