‘See drug addiction as a disease’


MANY people are too ashamed to admit that family members are drug addicts because they are afraid of being labelled.

“It is important to de-label people. If you see drug abuse as a disease or sickness, only then you can have a mindset change,” said Moya Britz, a social worker at both St Teresa’s Primary School and St James Secondary School in Schauderville.

Britz was invited by the VLV Despatch branch to talk about substance abuse at their tea gala. The event will be held on Saturday, 14:00, at the NG Eendrag church in Despatch.

She has been working as a social worker for 34 years and is passionate about addiction counselling. At the tea gala she will talk about identifying a child that is on drugs, how to respond and what resources are available in the community.

“Drug use and drug addiction are also a huge problem in Despatch and people do not know where to go to for help,” said Britz.

With the shutdown of SANCA there are no free rehabilitation facilities for substance abusers to go to. There currently is only one centre in the Eastern Cape, which is based in Grahamstown, with a long waiting list for admittance.

Britz said it is the responsibility of the government to have facilities in every province for younger and older people because private rehabilitation facilities are too expensive.

“It costs R7 500 or more per month for substance users to get help at private rehabilitation centres,” she said.

Britz who often speaks on radio and television, recently spoke about women and their addiction to over the counter medication on BayTV.

Tickets for the tea gala are R120 per person. For more information contact Juby at 082 823 9972 or Moniques at 083 320 2885.

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