Danish fundraiser brings in 11 million kroner for refugee aid

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Thousands of people in Denmark on Sunday donated money to the Danish Refugee Council.

The money was raised primarily by volunteers knocking on doors across the country to request donations.

Thousands of volunteers took part in Sunday’s fundraiser, which netted a total of 11 million kroner, Ritzau reports.

“This is a really good result and I promise it will make a vital difference for displaced people,” Danish Refugee Council’s director of global communication and fundraising Annette Spanggaard said.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all the Danes who went out to collect for us today and to those who opened their doors and made a contribution,” she added.

The funds will be used to bolster aid from people fleeing conflicts such as the ongoing situation in Syria.

A similar national fundraiser in 2018 brought in 13 million kroner.

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