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If you find yourself saying ‘I’m feeling heaviness in my throat’ or ‘I am unable to breathe’ soon after a meal, it may be because of the food you had earlier. Food allergies are very common and according to some studies they can be found in 6-8 per cent of kids and 3 per cent adults. Food allergy occurs when the immune system triggers a defence response to otherwise harmless food that results in making you feel sick. The immune system perceives some harmless proteins in the food as dangerous and releases response to fight the same. The protective measures include releasing chemicals which lead to inflammation, rashes etc. The common symptoms of an allergy include feeling itchy, stomach pain, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and swelling in throat and tongue. You can either develop these conditions soon after consuming certain food items or a few hours later. There is no cure to treat allergies but most people outgrow their allergies as they age. A severe allergic reaction may lead to a condition called, anaphylaxis, which can be life-threating. Some foods like peanuts can trigger such extreme reactions and if so it is suggested to consult a doctor immediately. However, the cases of anaphylaxis are not very common. Food allergies are mostly harmless, and seldom cause any serious damage but it is best to refrain from the foods that may trigger such reactions. Here is a list of 10 common food items that are known to cause the most food allergies. If you see any abnormality after consuming these foods, you must stop the consumption of the food items immediately.

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