allergy season will be particularly bad this year


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – ProMedica physicians have been busy this allergy season as more and more people are coming in, looking for some relief.

Cottonwood - allergy season will be particularly bad this year

“The allergy season, this year, is higher than normal due to the wet weather and higher pollen counts that we’re seeing,” Anita Stechshulte, a ProMedica nurse practitioner said.

Right now, the cottonwood trees are in full bloom. Chances are, you’ve seen the fluff piling up in the grass, floating through the air and in some cases covering standing water.

Stechshulte says the excess water is another reason why allergy symptoms are more severe.

“It’s causing a lot of mold and other allergens to form that typically aren’t around at this time or this long in the season,” says Stechshulte.

Luckily, there are some tricks to curb sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.

Experts suggest taking an over-the-counter allergy medication. They also recommend wearing a mask, especially during any yard work or gardening. Also, be sure to change your clothes after outdoor activities, like mowing the lawn. That will help keep allergens out of the house.

But, be sure to remember: “if you have any symptoms of wheezing or anything like that, you definitely need to see your primary care provider,” Stechshulte said.

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