Alzheimer’s caregivers need strong support – The Buffalo News


Currently there are million people living with Alzheimer’s. By 2050 the projection is 14 million will be affected. This is currently a tremendous strain on our health care system and care providers. It has been reported that care providers are also stressed financially and medically in the care of their loved ones.

Government funding needs to be increased for medical research and caregiver assistance. As a local support group facilitator, I hear the often painful but heroic stories of families struggling on the path of this disease.

Luckily the Western New York Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association can help. They work as an advocate in Albany and Washington and provide educational and many free caregiver services to our community. Clinical trials are currently in progress and need more participants. Most of us know a family affected by this debilitating disease and the pressures on them as caregivers.

Let’s become educated on this disease, support our caregivers and help them maintain their physical and emotional health as well as optimal care for those affected by Alzheimer’s.

Patricia Bogdan


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