One St. Joseph woman shares her family’s journey with Alzheimer’s


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an estimated 5-point-8 million americans are living with alzheimer’s… we know it not only affects the individual but also their loved ones. kq2’s vanessa alonso shares with us one woman’s story of how it’s changed her family’s life. <<“he couldn’t remember things. he couldn’t get his information straight.” jamie meyer of st. joseph knew that something was wrong with her husband’s memory issues back in 2016. at first doctor’s depression, but after two and a half years of more tests and doctor visits…he was finally diagnosed with alzheimer’s. for jamie and her family, it hasn’t been an easy journey. jamie meyer: “he took care of me. bernie was the rock of our family. he took care of everything. he now does not have very good short term memory. he’ll ask me all day…where are we going? who are we picking up today? i have a white board and we write on it what’s going on for the day but he’ll still be asking what we are going to be doing.”but she is not alone. jamie reached out to the alzheimer’s association and met brenda gregg. gregg says it’s very important to be aware of warning signs and tell them to your doctor. brenda gregg: “the most classic symptom is short term memory class. this memory loss that interfers with the daily living like missing appointments or critical information, personality changes, disorentation, misplacement of items or unable to retrace steps.” jamie now goes to personal counseling and goes to an alzheimer’s family support group which has helped her so much. you can expect the meyers family to be present at this sunday’s alzheimer’s walk to help raise awareness.jamie meyer “we really are a family. we have a lot of fun together and we learn from each other. brenda gregg: we all come toegther and have a great time together.reporting from st. joseph. i’m vanessa alonso for kq2 news.>> the alzheimer’s walk will be taking place beginning at 8 a-m sunday at the rec center in st. joseph. you can register a team at the link there on the bottom of your screen at alz-walk-st-joe

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