Start the Memorial day Weekend Chillin – Stop by the Wine & Chill at Medical Spa ChillRx Friday!


RED BANK, NJ: What are you doing Friday evening?

Start your Memorial Weekend off cool at the Medical Spa ChillRX in Red Bank: Enjoy a  glass of wine and tasty hors d’oeuvres at ChillRx Cryotherapy, starting at 5:00pm and lasting till 8:00pm.

The owner and staff will be glad to show their cutting-edge healthcare and beauty technology that provides numerous non-invasive therapies for specific ailments.

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To watch a step-by-step video of what to expect, click HERE.

Learn more about this fascinating technology by reading this Q&A:

TAPinto Red Bank spoke ChillRx Red Bank owner, Paul Musho and asked him a few questions:  

TAP:  Please provide us some personal and business background on yourself:

I was born and raised in NYC and earned a Chemical Engineering Degree from Rutgers University, and an  MBA in Finance from Fordham University.  I worked for 30 years in big corporate conglomerates; Union Carbide, Krupp, Emerson and GE.  I did everything from engineering, sales, development, operations and general management.  When GE left NJ in 2017, I decided to pivot and start my own business and use literally everything I learned in his 30 years of work experience!

TAP: What drew you to open ChillRx Cryotherapy and Why Red Bank?

I started utilizing cryotherapy in 2015 and it reduced the pain I had from working out.  A big plus for me was that it provided a faster recovery time which allowed me to play more golf.  I was as a happy cryotherapy customer!  I liked the leading-edge technology and decided to make cryotherapy my first venture.  My ChillRx Cryotherapy Red Bank store is a self-funded franchise and I opened in November of 2018.

Red Bank was an easy choice.  I looked at several locations but Red Bank had the vibrancy, the liveliness and the enthusiasm that I was looking for.  Like I said, easy choice.

TAP: Tell us about the origins of cryotherapy and how it works

The process was invented in 1978 by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi, a Japanese medical doctor who started freezing treatments on his patient’s skin surfaces for pain management of rheumatoid arthritis.  Dr. Yamaguchi found the rapid decrease of temperature of the outer layer of skin led to immediate release of endorphins and therefore less sensitivity to pain.

ChillRx Cryotherapy uses the CryoScience Arctic Whole Body Chamber and is designed to deliver the easiest, safest, and most effective cryotherapy treatments in the industry. 

Clients are exposed to a 3-minute treatment of -166 degrees F to -220 degrees F of cooled air from their toes to over their head.  During this time your body is fighting to stay warm and, in an effort to maintain core temperature, blood rushes to the core burning 500 to 800 calories.  Calories continue to burn post-treatment as the body re-heats.  The combined impact of increased metabolism and high calorie burn can lead to weight loss.  Repeated, consistent cryotherapy sessions increase the metabolism in the long term, resulting in more passive calories burned and continued weight loss or maintenance

TAP: Discuss safety issues and what a client can expect:

At ChillRx Cryotherapy safety is our number 1 priority.  We start with a full assessment of any contraindications the client may have to insure the cryotherapy treatment is safe for the person.  If the client is under doctor’s care, we will always recommend consulting with your doctor first.  Many doctors are familiar with cryotherapy and the research behind it so they are supportive of the treatment and many recommend it.

After check-in, the client is brought to the changing rooms to prepare for the treatment.  We provide robes, socks, gloves, hats and shoe clogs to protect the extremities during the treatment.  

After a complete explanation of the treatment by a fully trained certified Cryotechnician, the client is exposed for three minutes to -166 deg F to -220 degrees F of chilled liquid nitrogen. 

Nitrogen is non-toxic and is heavier than air so nitrogen vapors remain below the rim of the cryosauna.  It is safe to breath during the entire treatment as the client never comes into contact with pure N2.  The Cryotechnician is in full contact throughout the process to insure the client is enjoying the experience and maximizing the benefits. 

At checkout, we review with the client what to expect after treatment and they are off and ready to enjoy the rest of their day.

TAP: Please explain the services and their benefits that are offered at ChillRx Cryotherapy:

We offer a wide range of non-invasive therapies including; Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy, Cryo Facials, Infrared Sauna, Sonic Wave, ChillSculpt, ChillSkin and ChillTherapy.  These therapies are for weight loss, pain management, enhance athletic performance, faster recovery from injuries, anti-aging, skin care and a host of other treatments. 

TAP: ChillRx Cryotherapy offers customized protocols for specific health and wellness conditions.  Please provide some examples:

When visiting our store in Red Bank you will find three binders with over 50 protocols designed for specific conditions.  These include research articles supporting cryotherapy for treatment of those conditions. 

At ChillRx Cryotherapy we recommend a severe inflammation protocol to treat rheumatoid arthritis in which the client is treated with whole body cryotherapy every day with our monthly unlimited package.  Based on how the pain is subsiding, the client can switch to 1-2 times per week.  In addition, local cryotherapy is recommended to treat areas of significant inflammation such as the hands or feet.

ChillSculpt is one of our most popular treatments for reducing cellulite & fat.  This method utilizes hot and cold to create a significant temperature change in the skin and fatty tissue.  The large temperature variation (from -18C to +41C), is called “thermal shock,” and has been proven to degrade and destroy fat and cellulite in fatty tissue.  To achieve results of ½ to 2-inch reduction in the waist line, we recommend five treatments over 5-10 weeks.

We are always available to sit down with a client to discuss any specific conditions and treatments and we will recommend a protocol for them.

TAP: What is best part of the business?

The best part of running ChillRx Cryotherapy is seeing each of my clients leave with big smiles on their faces after they have experienced an incredible treatment which is helping to address an issue which has been bothering them for a long time. 

I hear clients saying to me:

“I have never slept better!”

“I can see the difference.  I lost 8 pounds.”

“Service was great.  Amazing staff.”

TAP: The most challenging part of the business?

Keeping up with the demand and ensuring I have the correct staff at the right times.  I have been doing pretty well and our hours are 7:00am to 8:00pm during the week and 9:00am to 4:00pm on the weekends.

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