Chris Kirk to make return to PGA Tour after dealing with alcohol and anxiety

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Chris Kirk (right) is now the world number 303, having climbed as a high as 16th in the rankings

For Chris Kirk, everything felt so much worse when he’d not had a drink.

“My anxiety about my golf. My anxiety about money. My anxiety about my relationships,” says the former world number 16.

The American explains most people who drink to excess and have a legitimate reason to stop “find their mental clarity gets better. Their health gets better. All these things get better”.

In April came a moment of clarity amid a hung-over haze brought on by the previous evening’s session – the father of three had to stop drinking and needed to quit golf to focus on recovering from his alcohol and anxiety problems.

Kirk felt like his cravings for a drink would be “something I was going to have to fight every 15 minutes for the rest of my life”, but since stepping away from the sport he has worked with a psychiatrist and sports psychologist, as well as implementing a 12-step plan.

Next week, after his self-imposed absence, Kirk will return to the PGA Tour for the first time in more than six months at the Mayakoba Golf Classic in Mexico.

Kirk had tried to quit in the past, but those attempts resulted in him returning to alcohol inside a couple of months.

In an interview with the PGA Tour,