Fullerton courthouse expected to remain closed Monday over concern about possible asbestos – Orange County Register

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The Orange County Superior Courthouse in Fullerton has been temporarily closed due to concerns over air quality that arose during air conditioning repairs.

The North Court facilities were first closed on Friday morning when “air handler” maintenance “created potentially unsafe air quality issues,” according to an Orange County Superior Court statement.

The courthouse will remain closed on Monday, officials said.

Those who are scheduled to appear at the Fullerton facility on Monday should instead plan go to the main courthouse in Santa Ana and keep an eye on the court website for updates, said Kostas Kalaitzidis, an Orange County Superior Court spokesman.

Court officials in their public statement wrote that “no employees or members of the public were affected.”

However, the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s, some of whose members provide security at the courthouses, indicated in an email Thursday that they had been notified of a “possible asbestos exposure” at the Fullerton courthouse.

As of late Friday, it had “not been determined whether dangerous substances were present,” Kalaitzidis said.

“We work with certified industrial hygienists to insure safe courthouses for the public and our staff,” Kalaitzidis added.

The court building is expected to remain closed until cleared by the industrial hygienists, officials said.

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