‘People didn’t know the dangers’ – asbestos exposure killed much-loved dad

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A RETIRED plumber and heating engineer died after being exposed to asbestos during his working life, an inquest has heard.

David Short, from Colne, died at Pendleside Hospice on July 7 after being diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma thought to have been caused by the asbestos he was exposed to during his time as a plumber and heating engineer.

The Burnley Magistrates Court inquest heard how Mr Short would have been breathing in the asbestos when dealing with old insulation and piping.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Short’s daughter, Sarah Sanderson, said her father wouldn’t have been wearing a mask or protective clothing while working.

She said: “Back then you didn’t give it a second thought – people did not realise how dangerous it is.”

Mr Short, who worked in the trade his whole life, had started as an apprentice for the council, and would often find himself in old school buildings and factories to carry out his work.

Coroner Richard Taylor said he had ‘no doubt’ the 71-year-old had been exposed to asbestos and that it had contributed to his death.

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