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(Red Oak) — Conversion of a former elementary school into a new childcare center continues in the Red Oak School District.

At its regular meeting Monday evening, the Red Oak School Board approved competitive quotes for asbestos abatement of vacant classrooms inside the former Washington Elementary School. The quotes totaled $7,000 from McGill Asbestos Abatement, more than $8,600 from REW Service and $14,820 from Environmental Property Solutions. Red Oak School Superintendent Tom Messinger tells KMA News the asbestos removal is another part of renovating the building into the community’s new early childhood center.

“We knew that was an issue down there,” said Messinger. “We took care of it on the south side earlier in the fall. Now, we’re doing the east side–getting rid of the mold over there–so as we put things back together to prepare for the daycare and school district partnership, we’re starting from a clean slate inside the building there.”

Board members also approved two bids from Pro Lawns for work outside the building–one for $8,950 for grading, seeding and other projects associated with the playground.

“That is to continue on the east side of the building with the playground area,” he said. “We tore everything out earlier. Now, we’re putting it back together, and dressing it up a little bit.”

The other bid totaled $8,400 for landscaping shrubs and plants around the building. Messinger says the playground work is expected to take place before winter sets in.

“A lot of the work–the dirtwork and some of the shaping of it–putting the edging down, we’ll be able to get done,” said Messinger. “Some of the other pieces of it–the planting of the shrubs and the landscaping plants there–will not be done until the spring.”

Overall, the superintendent says renovation work at the former Washington building is progressing.

“We already have the preschool in there,” he said, “and we’re in regular communication with the construction folks. Even though there’s still quite a bit of work to be done down there, it’s not quite an extensive of a project as what it was with the secondary campus. The building was not completely gutted–there’s some rooms right now that are completely bare on the inside. We’re putting those back together. Some plumbing work has yet to be done, as well as some HVAC work.”

Messinger made his comments on KMA’s 7:05 newscast Tuesday morning.

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