5-year-old boy credited with saving his mother’s life during life-threatening asthma attack


It’s going to be a special Mother’s Day for a New Hampshire woman whose 5-year-old son is credited with helping save her life.

In late March, Nicole Phung went into cardiac arrest after having an asthma attack.

Her sons, 9-year-old Braxton and 5-year-old Mitchell, had just gotten home from school. Phung dialed 911 but couldn’t speak, so Mitchell took the phone and gave their address to the dispatcher.

Minutes later, Frisbie Memorial Hospital paramedics Joshua Berk, John McLain and Kevin Monte arrived and brought her back.

“You never know. One day you’re fine, the next your heart stops and you have to relearn how to walk again,” Phung said.

Paramedics say asthma patients are very difficult to resuscitate.

“It’s really important for asthma victims to call early to get that help as soon as possible,” said Gary Brock, director of emergency medical services at Frisbie.

Phung was sedated for five days and then went to rehab to relearn basic skills. She’s grateful for everyone who helped but especially her two boys, who are looking forward to doing all their favorite things with their mom.

“Mostly just cuddle up with her,” Mitchell said.

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