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I’m sure there was a time when chiropractic care felt very alternative, but these days it feels fairly mainstream. Insurance often covers chiropractic treatments, and patients range in age from infants to the elderly. To explain more about chiropractic care, I interviewed Dr. Mark Woodbury, of Ashcroft Chiropractic Center in Center Rutland.

What services do you offer in your practice?

Our office offers chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional services, and neurofeedback.

How did you become interested in the work you do?

I became interested in chiropractic when I was in high school. I played sports and had injuries, and would visit Dr. Richard Ashcroft, who worked on the local athletes free of charge. I was always amazed that I would go into his office with pain and would leave pain free most of the time. I liked the aspect of being able to improve pain without taking anything for it. When I decided to pursue a career in the health-care field, I knew I wanted something that could help people heal naturally, so it was the logical choice. I have to credit Dr. Ashcroft for getting me interested in his profession and for mentoring me for 13 years.

What are the health benefits of your work?

The benefits of chiropractic are many, and there are many that we don’t know about. I think we are known best for pain relief without drugs or surgery. In the ’90s during the decade of the brain, there were many interesting advancements in the theory of how chiropractic works. We now know that spinal manipulation is not limited to the spinal segment that you are working on, but has more global effects on the central nervous system.

Can you share any client success stories?

I have had many client success stories in the last 25 years, from people being able to get off pain medicine to some avoiding surgery. I think the most success comes when several practitioners work together for the common good of the patient. A multidisciplinary approach is by far the most effective. I work with a lot of great practitioners who share the same vision, and most of the time the patient gets better results in a shorter amount of time. For me, those are the success stories.

What do you love about the Rutland region and our community?

I truly love the region. I am a 5th-generation Vermonter who grew up in Castleton. I have spent all my life here except for college. I have been to most of the country and have never found a place that made me want to move. The area has so much history, and the people are great. We have such a great playground around us that we sometimes take for granted, especially Pine Hill Park. I think our community as a whole is moving forward and the changes are very positive.

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