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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – “Having the surgery was probably the best
decision I made health-wise,” said David Aucoine.

David and his wife Misty have turned their lives around for the
better, and now they want to inspire others to reach the finish line and tackle
weight loss goals.

They both recently received Gastric Bypass surgery, which is a
surgery that shrinks the stomach as a means for weight loss.  

At his heaviest, David was 296 pounds back in July of 2018.  Misty was 230 pounds.

David said, “From my heaviest in July, I’ve lost 135

If you look at the before and after photos, the results speak for
themselves, and the husband and wife team didn’t just do it to look good.

 Misty said, “I was diabetic. My doctor kept increasing
my insulin because I couldn’t get my sugar under control. I had high blood pressure
and high cholesterol.”

Now, those health issues are no more. 

She said, “[before] I would eat half a dozen donuts. I can
only take two bites now!”

On top of healthier choices, the pair now runs marathons and Misty
is training to become a certified personal trainer.

To find out where you can get a gastric bypass consultation or simply discover weight loss options that meet your needs, CLICK HERE.

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