Woman Went Hospital To Treat Her Kidney Stone Ended Up Delivering Triplets, 34 Months Pregnancy Mystifies Doctors


A South Dakota woman who has recently given birth to a triplet at a time says she even didn’t know she was 34 weeks pregnant until she went to the hospital for the check-up of some kind of kidney stone which she taught. Dannette Giltz, who have given birth on 10th August to the triplet who is healthy and totally fit.

Giltz even says besides having two prior children’s she didn’t knew about her 34 weeks pregnancy, adding that when the pain started to her, she taught it was just a kidney stone pain which she had faced prior also, but the doctors told her in the hospital after her urinalysis test that it wasn’t any kidney stone pain but she was in labor of multiple babies.  All the three babies were born within the time period of 4 minutes only, each baby weighing 4 pounds that is 1.8 kilograms.

Even Dannette Giltz said in interview with Kota TV that you don’t ever see triplet conceiving naturally that too without being knowledgeable about it for 34 weeks. So, just like others can’t believe it, I’m too in a state of shock till now. I had gone to doctor knowing that I have a kidney stone and would have the surgery for it after reaching the hospital and having the urinalysis test done she was told she has labor pain and would give birth to twins but ended up with giving birth to the triplet. It’s totally insane Giltz added this too in her interview with the Kota TV.

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