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The woman was standing like a monolith behind a cart full of groceries, blocking the entrance to the Publix. She was on her cell phone.

Apparently, the conversation was engrossing, because she just stood there listening. No one could go in or out of the store.

An annoyed man finally tapped her on the shoulder and gestured to the gathering crowd. Oblivious, she pushed her way out to the parking lot, phone still to her ear.

No “I’m sorry.” No nothing.

We all run into rude people from time to time. Sometimes they’re behind the wheel (OK, a lot of times), other times behind the counter. But those doing the shopping occasionally make life miserable for the rest of us. I’ve written about my top retail pet peeves, but these complaints cover sins committed by customers in grocery stores.

Talking on speakerphone while shopping. Put those headphones in! Better yet, hang up or stay at home and talk to your BFF. The rest of us are NOT interested in listening to your conversation.

Leaving the checkout lane to get an item you forgot. This is acceptable if someone is in front of you waiting to pay. If you’re already at the register, FORGET IT.

Abandoning your shopping cart in the parking lot. Hey, lazybones! Walk the few extra steps (it won’t kill you) and secure the cart in the storage area so it doesn’t go rogue with the wind and dent someone’s car or prevent others from parking. Aldi is onto something with its locking carts. Customers put in a quarter to unlock them and then must return the cart to get their quarter back. Aldi shoppers must be cheap, because there are never any abandoned carts in the lot. Ditto with Publix, since the baggers bring carts back to the store after helpfully unloading your groceries.

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