How To Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Your gut and intuition are probably right. However, your fear and reluctance will do their best to condemn you to more torture. A moment of tremendous courage can completely change your life.

Working for some asshole who bullies you and makes you feel like a piece of sh*t? Go out, get a new job, and quit.

In a shitty relationship with someone who apparently loves you yet abuses you? I could write a thesis on this one. Here’s my conclusion: they don’t deserve to have you in their life. Leave them.

There are a million reasons this might be happening. There’s a solution to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

3. Breathe 

My life felt like a game Buzzwire or Operation. One wrong move would set off the panic alarm. It was a full-blown military operation trying to contain them. And not a successful one.

That is until I tried yoga…

Yoga might have saved my life because it introduced me to a foreign concept known as breathing.

I still remember the first time I avoided a panic attack in a crowd by simply remembering to breathe. I nearly pissed myself I was so happy.

Yes, when you start, you will most likely feel extremely uncomfortable. That’s to be expected considering you are facing everything you have tried to ignore. Now you’ve got to face it. Or don’t. But the latter is more painful. The former will change your life.

Start with Headspace, Calm, or any number of apps designed to help chill you out. But don’t expect miracles. They’ll creep up on you as long as you’re patient and make the commitment.

You should also try yoga. The benefits are too many to list here.

4. Make a decision 

When you listen, you’ll be faced with a decision. One decision—no matter how terrifying —can disarm your panic attacks. Your indecision will give rise to a hell of a lot more.

Here’s a sample case study:

There once was a girl who was miserable in a sh*tty relationship with a sh*tty job. Her anxiety was in the red, and she regularly had panic attacks. She tried everything, but nothing seemed to help. That is until one day when she mustered up the courage to quit her job and end her relationship. She gave up on the scenic route and went for the jugular. The girls got balls. She lived happily ever after.

Decisions are tough. But nowhere near as tough or detrimental as opting for torture by not deciding in the first place.

Let’s break it down: What’s wrong in your life, and how do you fix it? Break it down into manageable steps and get started today. If you don’t know how to—ask someone who can support you. 

5. Slow down

Everywhere you look, people are going to make you feel like sh*t for not accomplishing more and working harder.

Nothing will ever be enough because you’re constantly in comparison mode. You are allowing those people to take up space and occupy your mind rent-free.

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