Kylie Rae opens up on major depression, panic attacks and eating disorder


Former AEW star Kylie Rae took to Instagram to open up on her struggles with mental illness, an eating disorder and major depression. She noted that she has suffered panic attacks. She was granted her release from All Elite Wrestling a few months ago. It is good to see that she is in a better place these days.

Here is what she wrote on Instagram:

“🚨Long post alert! This is a tough one: Here’s a non-edited picture of myself, no make-up, non-showered 😂. But hey, I’m down 7 pounds!

Aye let’s get vulnerable for a sec 😅 Mental illness is no joke y’all. On a real note, it’s been a rough time. Starving, then binging, gaining 15 pounds, excessive workouts, major depression, panic attacks, etc. I’ll spare all the details but one thing I’ve learned throughout this whole thing is: it’s okay to talk about it ☺️. Being able to open up with others and listen to stories, hearing, sharing knowledge, and learning how much others go through, as well as myself, along with different remedies on how to cope and overcome is one of my favorite parts about this life and has definitely helped me open up.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped along the way, and hopefully this can even help someone else in need. 😅
Not where I used to be, but better than I was. Feel free to drop different therapeutic remedies and self care techniques below ❤️ #StrivingForProgress #NotPerfection #MoreSelfLove”

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