Returning to work after pregnancy loss


The process of getting over a pregnancy loss and getting back to work is not the same for every woman. Some women may find it easier to return to their old duties and responsibilities at once while others may feel pressured and unable to cope with their job immediately. When you are prepared mentally and feel strong enough to return to work after a pregnancy loss, you can resort to the following tips to make a gradual return and also take care of your mental wellbeing:

Speak to a grief counsellor: If you are returning to work and find yourself overwhelmed with balancing the job and coping with your loss, you can speak to a grief counsellor for guidance. They can help you find the best strategies to overcome your feelings of depression and anxiety and guide you through your return.

Take ‘me’ time during office hours: After a pregnancy loss, you might not feel up to socializing with coworkers and having fun. To take a breather, use your break time to spend some time in solitude. You can take a walk, get a cup of coffee or just meditate for a few minutes. This will help you find peace

Keep busy: For many women, immersing themselves in their work routine helps in getting over the grief and pain of a pregnancy loss. While it may not be advisable to jump into work straightaway, take on as much work as you are able to cope with without getting too burdened.

Maintain a positive attitude: It might appear hard but try to keep a positive attitude when you return to work after a pregnancy loss. Keep away from people and things that stress you out and spend time with people who will help you cope.

Everyone has different ways of coping with grief and the feelings of loss that come in the wake of a miscarriage. Returning to work may help some women while others may find it difficult to go back to the same busy routine without feeling anxious and depressed. Time is the healing factor, so hold yourself together and in time, move to new beginnings, with the support of your loved ones and supportive colleagues.

Dr Karnika Tiwari Consultant- Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Motherland Hospital, Noida

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