5 Wellness Editors Try Walmart’s New Clean Skin Care Line — Yes, Clean

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When I read the news that Walmart was launching their first skin care line, Earth to Skin, all for under $10, I thought, Great! There should be quality skin care options for all people at all price points! When I saw that it was clean, I thought: Um, what?

It’s one thing for a mass retailer like Walmart to enter the beauty space with their own brand, and it’s entirely another to make it nontoxic and natural-leaning. It really does sing the winds of change, no? Not to mention, one of the biggest—and rightfully so—charges thrown at the clean space is that it’s too pricey and out of reach for most people. So having a new 30-plus item collection at a completely affordable price tag is a big deal.

And we know that there’s no one standard of clean; it’s really up to brands and stores to be honest about how they define it. So here’s how Earth to Skin defines clean for their brand: Their products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil—and silicones in some products (but, for example, dimethicone does pop up on some of the ingredient labels, if you are one to avoid the silicone family).

Well, I decided to put a few of the star products to the test. And as it’s such a large collection, I enlisted the help of my fellow mbg staffers. Here, our favorite products and thoughts.

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