Therapy Animals Help UMD Students Relieve Stress

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DULUTH, Minn. – Some folks at University of Minnesota Duluth are petting away their stress with the help from some furry friends.

Pet Away Worry and Stress or PAWS is a program designed to help students, faculty and staff reduce their stress level from the comfort of animals.

Once a month nearly 15 therapy animals and their handlers are invited to the Kirby Student Center to provide that stress reliever.

“It makes me miss my dogs from home because  I live five and a half hours away in Wisconsin so I never get to see them any more,” said Eliza Woods. “It is relaxing and a good environment.”

UMD frequently conducts surveys to ask students about their health and well being.

Stress is one of many factors that can impact students the most.

“73% of students tell us they are experiencing stress. we try to find ways to help them drop in and experience stress reduction, so that they can be successful in their academic performance,” said Health Educator Dori Decker.

The next PAWS event will be held on November 20th in the Kirby Student Center.

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Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo


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