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Today we have a very special show for you. Our friend Scott DeFalco is here to show us an easy way to look younger, healthier, and feel more confident. If your teeth are yellowing due to coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking we have a great solution for those problems today! Scott is here to share their secret to getting whiter teeth in just 5 minutes.

Yellow stained teeth can actually make you look older. even unhealthy. You know your smile is the first thing that people see and probably your smile is the last thing people remember. Everyone wants to look and feel their best especially when making a first impression, one easy way to feel better about yourself is having a bright white smile.

Scott says he likes to start his day with a fresh cup of coffee. And coffee is one of the biggest offenders to us having stained and yellowed teeth. So today, in a fun way, we wanted to show the potential of Power Swabs. We have a time-lapse video using black coffee and a raw egg. We soaked the raw egg in coffee for 30 minutes.

Watch what happens when we put one egg into coffee for 30 minutes and one for 3 hours. Without brushing your teeth right after that’s giving the morning coffee all day to stain your teeth.

This is to show you over time how much coffee can stain your teeth, and it’s not just coffee. We are talking about tea, wine, chocolate, soda. Power Swabs is a two-step program to lift the stains first, then whitens your teeth. When the stains are removed and not just covered up, it will result in whiter teeth for up to 6 months, and a smile that everyone wants.

Power Swabs is a 7-day treatment. So, you use this for one week and the results can last up to 6 months. Power Swabs really gives you along-lastingresult. Remember the importance of lifting the stains first before whitening.

Unlike other whitening systems that can pull moisture out of your teeth, causing sensitivity and irritation, the Stain-Out Swab helps to re-hydrate your enamel. Power Swabs has a coconut derived agent that keeps your teeth hydrated, and keeping your teeth hydrated is key with avoiding sensitivity issues.

Power Swabs teeth whitening swabs are designed and clinically proven to be safe for all types of dental work, caps, crowns & veneers, and can be used by everyone over the age of 12.

The treatment is only for 7 days, and can last up to 6 months! And to keep your teeth white and bright with today’s special offer you’re also going to receive a FREE Stain-Out Quick Stick Pen – This travel pen is designed for quick stain-removal on-the-go. Perfect for work, travel, or after a morning cup of coffee to help keep new stains from adhering to your teeth, or maybe that afternoon pick me up chocolate candy bar.

Power Swabs was originally sold by dentists only, for the first 5 years. Now it’s available directly to the consumer. You’ll receive 2 boxes. 1 box of 7 stain out swabs and 1 box of 7 whitening swabs. It’s extremely easy to use and you only need 5 minutes. With today’s order you will also receive, as a free gift, the Power Swabs stain-out quick stick pen – this is very handy for on the go spot treatments.

We have a special offer today for station viewers. If you call right now, you can take advantage of Power Swabs amazing 40% off special with free shipping. Call now and get a FREE on the go quick stick with your order. Call 1- 800-204-1094 or visit PowerSwabs.com.

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