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We have updated news on a ClickBank product hosted at teethwhitening4you.com/. The below is accurate as of 1 June 2019.

Teeth Whitening 4 You (use that link to ensure you get the best deal) was launched on 2017-03-22 and belongs to the Beauty category on ClickBank, where it now has a popularity ranking of 3 (ie. it is the number 3 most popular product in the Beauty category). It has a ‘gravity’ of 3.59357 (higher gravity indicates more popularity), and about 99.0% of its sales are from people recommending it. It has a recurring status (whether it is charged monthly, or a one-time fee) of false. It is offered by vendor ‘TEETHW4YOU’.

Our review: We strongly recommend this product, and believe it to be well worth the price.

Community reviews: Rated 88/100 (a terrific score) today (email ratings@worldindustryresearch.com to submit a rating of a product).

Click here to visit Teeth Whitening 4 You (again, make sure you use that link for the best deal).

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