Deputy registrar arrived from Indore skips self-quarantine, resumes office in Alot

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Alot: After the announcement of lockdown 4.0, the number of coronavirus patients in Ratlam had reduced drastically. Administration had announced reopening of government offices and markets. Government employees who were stuck in other cities are returning. However, the locals are worried that these employees might bring in the infection yet again.

According to the rules, a quarantine of 14 days is compulsory for a person retuning from red zone. However, deputy registrar Kailashchandra Ahirwal, who recently arrived from his house in Indore immediately joined office. He has come in contact with over 15 employees and other persons who arrived at the office for registry work in the last few days.

Block medical officer Dr Devendra Maurya said that Ahirwal conducted his health check-up after returning. Ahirwal said that he resumed charge as he received orders to open the office, and had informed district registrar before. According to SDM Chandra Singh Solanki, Ahirwal underwent a medical check-up after his return. He is now quarantined.

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