What It Might Mean If You Have Smelly Urine

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It’s different than “asparagus pee.”

“Why does my urine smell?” We’ve all been there, wondering if it was something we ate, or if something else was wrong with us. While we’d never say that all urine smells great (or any urine smells great, actually), if we have smelly urine, things don’t quite seem normal.

Now, not all those smells are bad, but a sweet smell is actually sign of more danger than a sulfur smell. It’s confusing, we know, but we consulted a few doctors and they shared what various smells mean, when to worry, and when we probably just need more water.

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1. Dehydration

Many different chemicals are found in urine, specifically ammonia. And it’s the perfect indicator to drink more water.

According to Dr. Eric M. Ascher, a family medicine physician, “When your body is lacking excess fluid and you are dehydrated, your urine is more concentrated. It has more ammonia and less of other components, and that will give off a stronger urine-like scent, and usually a darker color.”

2. Too much coffee

When you drink coffee — a lot of coffee — you also may notice your urine smells different.

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